Sunday, 27 May 2012


The progress of the inhabitants of Whitby in the art of shipbuilding has eminently conduced to the increase of their shipping. Shipbuilding has been carried on at Whitby from time immemorial; though in former ages the vessel were so small, that the art of constructing them might rather be termed boatbuilding. 

The skill of our shipbuilders and carpenters has long been generally acknowledged, and has brought much business to town, and produced a great influx of property; especially during the first American War, and the last French war. 

No ships are better adapted for transports, or more serviceable for general purpose, than those built at Whitby.

In strength, beauty and symmetry, our vessels are equalled by few, and, I may venture to say, excelled by none.

Text taken from ‘A History Of Whitby And Streoneshalh Abbey’ - By Rev George Young (1817)    

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