Saturday, 11 August 2012

Mystery On The Moor

Additional photograph - Two of my kids (7 and 3) sat on the rock to help get a better judgement of the scale. 

I have absolutely no idea if this stone that I stumbled upon on a recent wander across the moor top is naturally occurring, 
or has been manufactured by human hands. But it’s position - laying flat and level -  and the fact that it seems to 
have distinctive edges, angles and planes, seems to suggest that it has been placed there.

Comments welcome.


Eddie Procter (Landscapism) said...

Hard to get an impression of scale, but if its as big as it seems in the photo's then perhaps more likely to be naturally occurring rock exposed by erosion rather than dressed stone placed there. Amazing how often rocks have angular straight-lines that seem shaped by human hands.

Richard said...

Thanks Eddie - I have to admit I think I let my imagination get the better of me. There are a lot of rocks similar in size and shape scattered across the moors and I suppose the laws of averages means that some will have the appearance of been man made.